{AUDIO/PICS} The BOSS/DGNA @ Sukira Kiss The Radio [04/01/14]

The BOSS were the guests for Sukira Kiss The Radio on January 4, 2014.It was their first time ever to be invited as guests for this radio. You can listen to the audio from the start till  46:00 , as they were there only for the first part !!





love ryeowook (audio)
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{AUDIO} The BOSS/DGNA sings “Angel” by Super Junior on Sukira Kiss The Radio [04/01/14]

Ryeowook: Angel ah…. I almost forget about this song……….. Waa.. We didn’t even sing live for this song before….
The Boss: Actually we had experience of singing this song live before… Singing in front of Ryeowook sunbae seems to be quite nervous for us

CREDITS: (Chinese translation: 金圣诞是理想型 // English translation: ryeowookyy)

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{VID} The BOSS/DGNA on After School Club [18.12.13]

Dae Guk Nam Ah were guests on Arirang After School Club on December 18. As you know, After School Club is an international show where lucky fans can talk live with their favorite groups!!! The MCs of this show are HanByul (LEDapple) & Eric.

In this show The BOSS were given the chance to show off their personal talents & interact with many fans. Also, it was a great opportunity to introduce themselves to the people who didnt know them . Although The BOSS has been around for over 3 years, due to their hiatus , many people couldnt recognize them. Most of them have probably thought they were a rookie group of 2013 , when in reality The BOSS had even won the rookie award back in 2011. So if you are interested in learning more things of The BOSS , you should definitely watch this show !!!!!

HIGHLIGHTS of After School Club 

        • Performed “Why Goodbye”
        • Introduction
        • Talk with a fan – Q&A (facts)
        • Acapella of We wish you a Merry Christmas & Ain’t no sunshine
        • Personal Talents
        • Game/ Lie detector -> Penalty
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